Commercial Properties


The commercial property investment department of Сonsulco Real Estate specializes in investments in commercial properties in prime areas of Central London.  The investment team of Сonsulco Real Estate will typically look for good commercial buildings with solid tenants that are let on a long lease with favorable terms.


Сonsulco Real Estate aims to provide investors with a balanced portfolio of central London commercial properties with a steady rental income stream and anticipated capital appreciation in the medium to long term.

The life of the investment is 5-7 years and target annualized returns are in the range of 8-15%.  This investment product is to provide an attractive opportunity for investors with a medium to long investment horizon, as an alternative to traditional fixed income investment products. This investment product will be particularly appealing to investors who are looking for exposure to Central London commercial properties. 

To demonstrate an alignment of interest, Сonsulco Real Estate will retain at least 10% of the equity.