Residential Property refurbishments and investments

Сonsulco Real Estate Property Development (’CREPD’) is an investment vehicle that provides our clients with an opportunity to invest in prime London residential properties, with significant development and capital gain prospects, through an investment club. 

Typical CREPD projects will be in the region of £


1-5 million and the average life of each project will range from five to seven years from inception to disposal. Targeted IRR for the projects undertaken will be in the region of 25%-30%.

CREPD’s highly skilled and experienced team of property analysts and investment professionals ensures that a proper evaluation of each potential deal and the risks involved is carried out before any investment is made.

Investors will be offered the opportunity to invest on a project by project basis as it is expected that the risk and reward profile of opportunities will vary according to the specific characteristics of the specific project. 

CREPD remains committed in all the projects undertaken and therefore, to demonstrate an alignment of interests, the company will retain at least 10% of each project and maintain that holding until completion.