We invest in what we know
With top-class London-based professional resources and expertise plans and structures investments in the London property market; a property market we know in depth. We invest in commercial income producing properties, selected property developments in Central London and short-term lending with London properties as first charge security. We have established a credible track record and know-how in all three areas of property based investments 

We manage the investments we make
We take our custody responsibilities for our clients’ investments very seriously so we do not assign the day to day management of the investments to third parties and we do not invest in third party investments. We only invest in projects where we have the direct day-to-day management function with direct responsibility to our clients.  

What you see is what you get
Сonsulco Real Estate seeds most the investments with its own funds. Our clients get the benefit of reviewing actual investments as soon as those are structured, having access to all the legal, financial and other relevant information to facilitate their investment decision process. This compares very favorably with discretionary investment management services as offered by most of the other financial service providers that request your irrevocable fund placement prior to the investments taking place.

We stay in with you
In all the investments we structure, Сonsulco Real Estate remains with a minimum 10 % participation throughout the investment. This demonstrates our belief in the merits of the investments we acquire and our commitment to professional management throughout the hold period to successful disinvestment.